The Transformative Power of Play

During this challenging time of social distancing, lockdown, and learning from home, many of us are learning what it means to adapt to change quickly, and finding that it takes time to adjust! There are good days, where we’re highly productive and in flow and there are days where we really find it hard to get going. According to Emotion Life Lab, this response is actually completely normal in adjusting to uncertainty, in what they refer to as The Corona Rollercoaster:

If adults are struggling to adapt to these changes and ‘big emotions’, how then, are our young people managing? Is it right to assume that young people are naturally more resilient, and just bounce back? Is it fair to expect them to be in an emotional and cognitive state that is ‘ready to learn’? Might, they too, be finding things difficult, trying to process isolation from their friends, and adjust to responding to big changes without the immediate support of their social networks?<