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we are the rangers


We Are The Rangers is a collaboration between Immersive Minds and Wandering Wizards.  Building upon a previous project for the client United for Wildlife, the aim was to deliver a Minecraft Education World to engage learners from around the world in learning about the complex political, economic, social and environmental causes and implications of the illegal International Wildlife Trade.  

With support from Microsoft our collaboration aimed to:

  • engage a broad audience of global learners

  • encourage exploration of complex cause and effect factors from the classroom

  • support exploration, discovery learning, research and participative play 

  • convey factual information about the conservation of elephants, rhinos and pangolin 

  • explore the role of science and engineering in the fight against Illegal Wildlife Trade as a contribution to STEM learning


The Immersive Minds Education team worked with a range experts including conservationists from United for Wildlife to develop five Minecraft Education Worlds, and companion lessons for teachers.  Each world targets a different learning outcome, using real case studies to weave narrative throughout, covering:

  • The roles and duties of Wildlife Rangers

  • Elephants as a Keystone Species & Human-Wildlife Conflict

  • Rhino Orphanages - the demand for horn

  • Pangolin trafficking at a working port

  • DNA Anlaysis in the lab -  to identify and prevent international wildlife crime

Students and teachers can experience working on a wildlife reserve, monitor wildlife, explore the underlying causes of Human-Wildlife conflict and create solutions, solve a trafficking crime in a working port, and help scientists analyse DNA in the lab to identify international trafficking hotspots. 

The maps and lessons are freely available below.

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