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perth castle


What would it look like if Perth Castle still stood today? It would mean there would be a large moat in the centre of the town or Perth, Scotland and a large hill with a castle would stand higher than all the local buildings. That was our brief when commissioned to bring the lost history of Perth Castle to Minecraft as a digital archive and learning resources.


Three key questions were to be answered:

  • Where was it?

  • What did it look like?

  • What happened to it?


We explored the lost history, with weeks of research and consultation with experts. Then we made the immediate area of Perth in modern times, including the local hotels, theatre and supermarkets. Then we cleared the area we know the castle to have been and built is crashing through time into today. The moat floods the theatre, and cars in the local street sink. The 12th century castle rises up above the highest buildings, made of dirt and grass and wood.  The castle was eventually carried away by a massive flood from the nearby Tay river.

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