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fisheries museum


Part of our #CraftingThePast Minecraft series, in partnership with DigIt Scotland and the National Fisheries Museum, we were asked to create the sea front town of Anstruther, Scotland. The purpose was to weave six historical narratives through the digital landscape, telling stories of the history of the Scottish fishing industry, including one of the time a cannon ball was fired from a ship at sea into the town itself.

The map was to be used for public engagement workshops and as a school history resource.


The map encompasses the entire town shore, including the sea, harbour structures, boats, shops, housing and of course, the National Fishing Museum. Players can navigate their way around the town and follow the historical narratives to learn about the rise and fall of Scotland's fishing towns.

Available as a blank map in Minecraft Java edition and as a complete story map in Education Edition. The blank map can be downloaded below with the other to follow once 2018 courses have finished.  

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