Creating innovative, transformative learning through digital technology

About Us

At Immersive Minds, we believe that learners of all ages

should have equitable access to engaging, inspiring and

creative learning experiences. 


We create those experiences by blending our extensive 

knowledge of international curricula, pedagogical practice, and education and public engagement with our passion for lighting up learning with innovative digital technologies.


Who We've Worked With



Immersive Minds HQ Core Team


Director & Project Manager 

Catherine, is a former geography teacher with a background in science, engineering and sustainability. She fervently believes that all children should have opportunities to reach their potential. Catherine is our pedagogical expert and leads the development of our educational content.  She has responsibility for managing our education team and oversees our Global Associate Programme.


Digital Education Team Lead

Stephane is Immersive Minds'  Digital Education Team Lead in Europe.  A college professor of Technology and a trainer in the use of digital technology for teachers, Stephane's expertise is in Robotics, Coding and Computational Thinking, and in particular, the high impact pedagogical approaches that actively engage learners in these subjects.   He is dedicated to digital education and is passionate about learning through collaborative projects based on innovative digital tools such as Video Games, 3D printing and virtual reality.


Learning Resource and Curriculum Design Lead

Marija brings beauty to everything that we do. As well as her incredible teaching experience, she has an eye for how learning resources should be presented for maximum engagement and impact. From our teacher slide decks, PDFs, and web resources to our vast range of OneNote learning resources and in-game Minecraft assets, Marija commits her time to making sure educators worldwide can access, understand, navigate and deploy our resources with ease. Her knowledge of global curricula and pedagogical practice sits at the heart of her work and our entire output.