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fossil fuel formation


Our Client, The Scottish Earth Science Education Forum and the Earth Sciences Trust had developed a series of lessons for primary school children and a teacher CPD course that explored sustainable energy.   They approached us to find novel and engaging ways of conveying very complex scientific ideas about deep time and the processes involved in the formation of finite fossil fuels.


The brief included a requirement for the materials to be accessible to a global audience and to be able to be used by teachers and students as part of STEM education


Our team of designers worked with geologists at the University of Edinburgh to story board our own Oil Formation Game.  We used an 'off the shelf' readily available game, Little Big Planet and developed 5 levels in total that told the narrative of how Coal, Oil and Gas are formed and how these relate to choices we make every day. 

The game was free to download and could be used in any school or home with a Playstation anywhere in the world. Additionally we recorded an animation of the game that could be viewed on-line to make the teaching tool accessible to those without the console.  You can view the animation here.

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