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STEM world


Commissioned by the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA), responsible for curricular learning and assessment in Northern Ireland, we created a Minecraft world to tackle STEM as part of a thread throughout the whole curriculum.  


The lesson world was to incluse a set of engaging, digital resources to assist with their STEM learning in four areas:

  • Electricity

  • Viking History

  • Eco-forestry

  • Urban and Eco-city life


We developed an entire STEM World dedicated to the four areas explicit in the remit. a vast island modelling real-world scenarios and solutions. Including hydro, wind and solar power, viking boat building, deforestation and forest fires, a complete city and more.


Initially developed in line with Northern Ireland Curricular Standards, the STEM world has grown and now consists of hundreds of individual STEM-focused lessons across the entire curriculum and is being deployed in school on four continents. 

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