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st kilda


The client, DigIt! 2017 approached us to develop engaging educational resources that shared the richness of the cultural heritage, history and archeology of one of Scotland's Six World Heritage Sites, St Kilda.    

The resources were to be aimed at a broad audience, and because St Kilda is so remote, were to offer an accessible way of allowing audiences to explore the St Kilda's past. In particular the resource should:

  • engage a broad audience

  • widen access to learning about St Kilda's heritage

  • be engaging and interactive, and

  • convey factual historic and archeological information as part of the  #ScotlandInSix celebration.


The Immersive Minds Education team worked with a range experts including archeologists based on St Kilda to develop a historical timeline for six key events that occurred on St Kilda.   Our build team produced a 1:2 scale Minecraft map of the Archipelago, as well as a 1:1 build of the village on the main Island of Hirte, and carefully threaded the six narratives through the map.

Visitors to our virtual island can explore the village, taking a historical trip into six different areas, interact with villagers and their narrative - and undertake their own excavation alongside an archaeologist.  

The map is available to download for free from the Crafting the Past website.

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