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plant for life


Plant for Life is an ambitious project by Fondation Yves Rocher.  It aims to plant 100 million trees around the world, by working with partner organisations and communities, not only to plant trees, but by doing so, to improve the environment, the wildlife, and positively impact the lives of everyone involved. 

Immersive Minds were commissioned to create a Minecraft World that would be inclusive, enabling people of all ages, from anywhere in the world to become a part of the project by creating their own tree in-game. 


The Fondation have made a commitment that for every tree created in the Plant for Life Minecraft World, a tree will be planted in real life!  

Find out more about the project in our #PlantForLife Blog

How to Take Part

The Plant for Life Minecraft World invites players to join us in building their very own tree, so that together, players around the world will create our Fondation Yves Rocher Plant for Life forest. 

To take part you must own a copy of Minecraft Java or Minecraft Bedrock. 


Joining the Plant for Life World 

To join, simply log into Minecraft then:

  • Select Multiplayer from the main menu,

  • Click the Add Server button

  • Enter the IP address (live from March 21st) to join the Plant for Life server. 


Full joining instructions can be found at the Minecraft Help Centre.


We'll also be running some live events, where you can join us and plant a tree along-side us on our stream.


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