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wyndford barracks


Wyndford Barracks was a prominent military barracks, steeped in the rich history of both Glasgow and both World Wars. Now a residential area, with only the perimeter wall remaining, we were commissioned to bring the barracks to life again in Minecraft at 1:1 scale and with all the detail and stories that made the place what it was at it's height. Telling multiple, local, national and global stories lay at the heart of the brief. In essence this was to be a historical archive and learning product.


We developed the entire site as it would have been in 1914, under the stewardship of the Cameronians. We mapped the entire pre-WWI barracks, including family quarters, training grounds, assault course and more. The map is bristling with narrative delivered through NPCs with recorded oral histories, activities and clues left in buildings. We completely redesigned the resource packs to bring the architecture and textures into line with the time. Deer skulls adorn the walls, soldiers wear the Cameronian tartan, letters can be seen on desks and bunks are as they were.

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