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3D Print World


Following the introduction of the Structure Block in Minecraft: Education Edition, allowing users to 3D print their creations directly from the game, we were immediately inundated with requests for help with how to do this. While the Structure Block is a highly useful tool, it is not so easy to use. Particularly for beginners to Minecraft and/or 3D printing.    


Steering the digital landscape of coordinates, exporting and file-types such as .GLB, .STL or .OBJ can be confusing even for those used to the 3D aspect. 


We set about creating a Minecraft environment that would make it easy for anyone to print from. Themed as a giant 3D printer, the world includes a build plate of a designated size (see below) on which players build their creations, and a pre-set Structure Block for one-click exporting. Full instruction are then given via signs and an NPC to guide you in how to convert to your preferred 3D print file.

There are three versions of the 3D Print World:

1. Single printer, small - 32x32x32
2. Single printer, large - 64x64x64

3. Class set of 32 printers for multiplayer sessions - 32x32x32 (coming soon)

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