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toy soldiers



As part of our 'Pay It Forward' initiative, we were inspired to work with school teachers to find innovative ways of delivering history lessons.  As the client, their concern was that complex issues such as war (particularly those from the past) can seem abstract to learners, who at times, struggle to grasp the social and emotional impacts.  Our remit was:

  • Find innovative ways of teaching complex ideas about war (especially historical wars)

  • Include core curricular areas such as Literacy and Numeracy

  • Design lessons that convey the highly emotive nature of war and its consequences.

  • Use tools that help learners develop digital skills

We have produced a Minecraft WW1 Trench warfare map that is truly cross-curricular. The primary focus is the emotive engagement of learners, through highly personalised narratives of warfare.  Curricular learning objectives covering Literacy, Numeracy, History, Science, Geography and Art are embedded within the map itself. 

Some of the complex political ideas about war are conveyed through the ‘Toy Box’ and ‘Model Army’ context. 


You can take a tour of some of the learning from this resource below

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