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small south africa



Designed to accompany our Microsoft Problem Based Learning course, we were asked to develop a Minecraft world in which students could explore the diverse problems facing South Africa with a view to developing solutions as part of their curriculum learning. So far students and teachers, from South Africa to Seattle, have used it to explore:


- Ethical mining practices

- Clean water access

- Urban development and social housing

- Education for girls

- Tax expenditure

- Xenophobia

- Human rights

- Conservation and animal rights

Our Minecraft world can be used as a powerful tool for critical and creative thinking in social, economic and environmental issues and in developing awareness and empathy beyond the curriculum.


The map includes:

- A diamond mine

- A coastal area, including discoloured water

- A game reserve including a wide range of Africa's most iconic and lesser known wildlife as well as termite mounds and hyena dens.

- A city model, including some key historical buildings from Jo'burg and Cape Town

- An informal settlement

- Lion's Head Mountain

- A replica of the Ndebele village.


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