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maker space


The project was commissioned by Skills Development Scotland as part of a drive to ensure that young people in Scotland were given a range of opportunities to upskill, with particular focus on the digital sector and the skills and capacities required to operate successfully within it.


The remit and target audience was quite broad, requiring young and middle-aged adults to re-skill or up-skill, along with a population of high-school leavers who would have the training and development needs of 'first-time employees'.   This mixed target audience created a large range of 'learner needs' for the client.  We were tasked with proposing innovative, practical solutions to tackling digital skills education in the region. 


We designed and fitted and fully operational Digital Skills Maker-Space.  The space,  referred to by the Client as The Digital Studio and Careers Lab, was designed to be an innovation incubator that would encourage young people to come together, share ideas, exchange skills and best practices, and most importantly,  learn how to use new technologies together.   


To our knowledge, this was the first Space of its kind like this in Scotland, and as a result, was nominated in the Best Use of Technology category in the UK Career Development Awards. You can read about the Client's experience of the Space and it's award nomination using the button below. 

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