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Our client on this project, Microsoft, were interested in exploring the potential of using digital tools as part of problem-based curricula.   The remit was to:

  • Provide a research evidence-based handbook on the pedagogical underpinnings of Problem-Based Learning, and the ways in which technology, and in particular Minecraft,  could be used in classroom teaching to support this kind of learning approach. 

  • Develop an globally accessible on-line course for teachers based on the  theoretical and case-study evidence presented in the handbook


Our educational researchers worked closely with our Minecraft builders to develop a handbook detailing the theory and practice of Problem-Based Learning.   The companion course materials, designed for teachers, provides step-by-step guidance on how to deliver a PBL curriculum in the classroom and how to embed technologies such as Minecraft into learning and teaching as part of this.

This course has now been delivered by Immersive Minds in 7 countries including Canada and South Africa, and has been distributed to teachers around the world via the Microsoft website.  Its success has also seen it translated into Spanish for online learners.  If you would like access to the course materials, they are available on the Microsoft website below.

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