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Immersive thinking


Immersive 3D Thinking - Educators & Parents  

About This Course

This beginner and intermediate course is designed to take parents and teachers on a journey that taps into their creative potential, and equips them with the skills to turn their ideas, sketches and designs into real-world 3D digital creations. The intermediate course builds upon this skills base, taking 3D designs and transforming them for application with Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D printing.

Course Duration:

Half day 

Junior - Immersive 3D Thinking  

About This Course

This course is offered to students aged 8-14 years old and encourages the development of visualisation and spatial thinking skills - important foundation skills for application in STEM disciplines.  The workshop takes learners on a creative journey that helps them bring 2D sketches and drawings to life as 3D objects, first within a digital design environment such as Minecraft.  Students build upon these skills using a number of softwares to transform their 3D creations for use as Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D Printing.

This course can also be requested as part of our Junior Summer Schools. 

BL 3D print NY.PNG

Course Duration:

Full day 

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