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national mining museum


The Client, The National Museum Scotland, approached us  to work with them to develop tools and engagement activities that would appeal to new audiences and help bring the history of the Lady Victoria Colliery to life.  

In particular the tools should:

  • Engage with an audience of families and young people

  • Use the modern day context of the Museum to connect back to the colliery's past

  • Help audiences experience life as a miner


Our team of builders used maps and plans of the colliery to build a 1:1 scale, historically accurate digital recreation.  The build includes the structures above ground, and the mines below the colliery.


Our coders worked to develop a  system that enables miners to be 'paid' after a shift in the colliery depending on how much coal they mined.  This, and other activities help learners explore life as a miner and understand the systems that made it possible, including coal extraction and delivery systems and importantly health and safety - and working pit animals. 

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