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Plant for Life - Making a Real Difference in the World with Minecraft

Imagine you could do one simple thing today to help the planet. What if that single act could have a real, positive impact – not just on the environment, but on wildlife, and on the well-being of people too? Well, the good news is, you can! All you have to do is plant a tree… in Minecraft!

We’re inviting you to join us to #PlantForLife. A project where, for every tree created digitally in Minecraft, a real tree will be planted on one of Fondation Yves Rocher’s Plant for Life agroforestry plantations around the world!

Why Plant for Life?

Trees are an essential part of our planet. Not only do they provide humans with an abundance of resources such as food, fuel, building materials and textiles, but they play an integral role in regulating our climate, protecting our soil, providing habitat for wildlife - and not least, in creating the air we breathe! In this sense, they are vital for life on earth, yet in the last 30 years 420 million hectares of forest has been destroyed and removed around the world - the equivalent to 1 football field every second.

Fondation Yves Rocher, a charitable trust set up by Yves Rocher and his son Jacques, have been working since 1991 to redress this balance. Their mission is to protect biodiversity by supporting initiatives that help put biodiversity at the heart of individuals’ lives. In their ground-breaking #PlantForLife project, their aim was to plant 100 million trees around the world. To do this they partnered with NGOs and community groups, to ensure that every project brings myriad benefits for the environment and local sustainability, but also in terms of the opportunities and well-being of the people who live there.

Plant for Life Minecraft World

We have been fortunate to be invited to work with the Fondation. Our role was to create a Minecraft World that would enable people all of ages, from anywhere in the world to take part in this incredible project by building their own tree in Minecraft. The Fondation have pledged that for every tree created in Minecraft, a tree will be planted in one of their projects around the world.

Together, everyone who joins our Plant for Life Minecraft World, will co-create an enormous virtual forest, that will be mirrored in reality, in the Fondation’s different arboretums and plantations around the world.

Plant for Life Adventure Quests

The Minecraft World also provides opportunities to learn about the work of the Fondation in three of its projects from around the world, Ecuador, Ethiopia and France. Inside our enormous World Tree, players are welcomed by animal guides from each country, who share some of the stories from those places, and set mini-quests that convey some of the importance of the work being carried out by Fondation Yves Rocher.

How do I take Part?

The Plant for Life Minecraft World is currently available across Minecraft Java and Bedrock platforms (we hope to bring it to Education Edition in the near future). You must own a copy of the game and have a license to play to be able to take part.

Simply use the link provided here to join the Plant for Life server. You will be asked to agree to the code of conduct, and then you will arrive in our World Tree Lobby, where you can build your own tree, and take part in our adventure quests to find out more about the work of Fondation Yves Rocher around the world.


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