Immersive Problem Solving with Esports

What if you could create the perfect problem setting for your students - one that immerses them fully, develops high-level cognitive skills, and sharpens decision-making and reaction times? What if the problem environment you created was personalised to give your students just-in-time feedback, reward them for good performance and encourages their development by setting challenges just difficult enough to not be frustrating, but incrementally harder than their last successful attempt? Imagine that this problem setting you’ve created encourages them to collaborate, develop social and emotional skills, helps shape their attitude to failure by developing reflection and resilience, and fosters inclusion and connectedness, all the while tapping into their innate interests and passions…

...enter Esports and Game-Based Learning.

You would be forgiven for thinking that esports is nothing more than a teenage pastime, or perhaps even a new fad that will be here today and gone tomorrow. However, esports is a rapidly growing, global industry