Esports in School – Where is the Learning Potential?

In our last blog we defined esports for education as 'competitive, collaborative, organized play', and suggested that esports, when scaffolded by educators as part of a learning experience, could be a powerful driver for learning. In this blog we peel back the layers to examine the pedagogies that underpin successful esports learning, with a focus on the Pedagogy of Play and Game-Based Learning (GBL), and Mastery Learning approaches.

Play, Game-Based Learning and Esports

Using games to learn is nothing new. In fact, there is evidence of games being used in some of the most ancient civilizations. One of the oldest games known to us, the counting game Mancala, can be traced back to Egypt’s Age of Empires in 15th century BC(1). It is an integral part of civilizations because it is an innately intuitive medium for learning. Research indicates it can enhance childhood development from 33%-67% (2), supporting the growth of a wide range of