Exploring the Potential for Powerful Real-World Learning with Minecraft

Refugee Crisis Minecraft Lesson - How does this town meet the Sustainable Development Goals?

In November 2018, Immersive Minds partnered with UK Charity Play for Progress to do something pretty special. We prepared and packaged up our Refugee Crisis #MinecraftEdu lessons, and released them as a free resource for educators. By package, what we mean is that it wasn’t just a Minecraft Map, but a OneNote (and PDF) teacher activity guide with Flipgrid and Forms as well as a Formative Assessment Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Framework. We circulated the resource widely on social media and asked educators to consider making a small donation to the charity, Play for Progress, who do vital work with unaccompanied child refugees in the UK. However, now and again educators ask us why they would use these resources, when they don’t seem to fit in to their curriculum. How could these resources be any good, if they were free? We thought it was worth taking some time to explore the incredible opportunities for learning provided by this resource.