A Message of Hope: Why hope over fear triumphs in the classroom

At Immersive Minds we run a festive campaign each year called #SeasonOfGiving to raise awareness about a local issue affecting those we live and work with. We do this in a bid to walk our talk, and to help those around us feel that we each can contribute just a little something, and yet have a hugely positive impact.

This year we are partnering with Play for Progress, a charity based in London that works with unaccompanied child refugees entering the UK, often after having endured a difficult journey similar to that described in our Refugee Crisis learning resources. We have made these learning resources free to all educators, but in exchange, we ask you to join us as #ChangeMakers and consider supporting the work of Play for Progress. This is simple to do using the Donate button on our website and leaving the hashtag #ImmersiveHumanities before downloading the resources. In this way, we hope that we can all be agents of change, creating a lasting, positive impact.

Why Teach the Refugee Crisis?