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We Are the Rangers

Today is World Ranger Day. There are thousands of people of every nationality, dedicating their lives to the fight for conservation in countries all over the world right now! Protecting the last of our rhinos, saving the orangutan from forestation, managing the human and elephant territorial conflicts in Africa, stopping the trafficking of pangolin in Africa and Asia and more.

To help in this cause, we have developed a series of #Minecraftedu learning resources designed to allow learners of all ages to meet the rangers, explore their work and help them in their daily activities.

Level 1 - Meet the Rangers

Meet a variety of the rangers of the world, from dog trainers and specialist pilots to rhino trackers and crime enforcement officers. Help them carry out their tasks, identify their equipment and meet some of the animals they protect.

Level 2 - Human/Wildlife Conflict

Assist rangers in keeping elephants and humans from meeting in conflict. Protect human villages and crops while maintaining elephant safety and territory using bees in beehives and growing chili plants.

Level 3 - Running with Rhinos

Meet and protect baby rhinos in a specially designed rhino orphanage. Look after them, discover just how much they have to eat and meet the different staff needed to look after them before designing your own orphanage for more orphaned rhinos.

Level 4 - Pangolin Rescue

Raid a shipping port and follow the trail of criminals trying to traffic pangolin out of the country. Solve the crime and use dogs to detect the shipping container they are stowed in. Save the pangolin.

Level 5 - DNA Science and the Ivory Trade

Work in an advanced science lab in Botswana, using the DNA found in elephant poo and tusks to detect where in Africa the worst poaching is happening. Find and secure ivory stashes from poachers in the vast landscape.

The team at Immersive Minds would like to extend a heartfelt 'Thank You' to all rangers around the world, risking their lives for those of wildlife. #Heroes

Download the maps and lessons here: We Are The Rangers

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