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Play To Learn: Immersive Minds take Games-Based Learning to Insomnia #i61

Insomnia is the UK's biggest gaming festival attracting more than 60,000 people through its doors over a long weekend. This summer the festival will be held in Birmingham NEC on August 25-28th, but just why would a company specialising in Curriculum Learning and Education be exhibiting their work at a gaming festival?

Well, you see that brings us back to our core philosophy about the importance of play in learning. We believe that play of all kinds - whether imaginary, structured, rule-driven or outdoors - play using tiles, cards, boards & pieces or play using technology is crucial to developing the necessary skills of problem solving, resilience, critical and creative thinking, and in many cases logic, reasoning and strategy. That, of course, is not to mention the additional benefits of social and emotional skills that can be developed when playing with others.

#PlayToLearn is our core philosophy; play is an essential driver in learning is why we find ourselves at the UK's largest gaming festival. Here we'll work with parents, teachers, companies - and of course young people to advocate for the use of games (of all sorts) in education. To help us to this we have a pulled together a crazy schedule of live educations shows, live streams and informal drop in sessions that will run alongside our usual offering of Minecraft Showcase Zone and our Virtual Reality Zone.

  • Have you ever wondered how computer games like Minecraft can be used in classroom to support curricular learning?

  • Are you a parent or teacher hoping to advance your own skills a little to help your child learn some basic coding or engineering?

  • Do you want to find out how you can play games with your children at home and support their educational development at the same time

These are common questions from parents and teachers who visit us at our events, and it these questions that we will aim to answer during our Live Events each day including:

Live Education Shows that run at 11am and 3.30pm every day at the Immersive Minds Insomnia Stand in Birmingham NEC

Live Streams run at 2pm and 4pm every day and will showcase some of our most engaging curriculum lessons. If you can't be at Insomnia, then you can tune into our streams using this link.

You can see our full Insomnia Stream and Live Show schedule on our events page.

We've planned an amazing festival of educational activities for Insomnia 61! We'll keep you posted on the best bits from Insomnia on the Immersive Minds twitter and Facebook!

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