Are We #STEM-ing the Flow of Creativity in Learning?

Cross-curricular learning in action in New York City

We've been working with teachers around the world to explore, and in many respects, lead the way in showing how innovative and emerging technologies can light up learning for students of all ages. It is one of our core beliefs that technologies - if used appropriately - can open up opportunities for learning across the whole curriculum. In many of our projects such as our #MinecraftHumanities Refugee Crisis lessons, the learning is cross-curricular bringing in opportunities to embed humanities, science, maths, languages, art, drama and outdoor learning. Recently though, we find ourselves in a place where this is of much less interest in schools. Instead we are being pressed to provide learning content that specifically targets STEM skills and topics. There appears to be a growing demand for projects that are exclusively about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics - to the detriment of many other wonderful curricular areas.