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Our #SmallSouthAfrica #Minecraftedu map is finished :)

Designed to accompany our Microsoft #ProblemBasedLearning course ( we've used it with teachers from all over Africa to explore some of the prime issues facing South Africa today.

So far we've see it used to explore:

- Ethical mining practices - Clean water access - Urban development and social housing - Education for girls - Tax expenditure - Xenophobia - Human rights - Conservation and animal rights

Minecraft can be used as a powerful tool for critical and creative thinking in social, economic and environmental issues and in developing awareness and empathy beyond the curriculum.

The map includes:

- A diamond mine - A coastal area, including discoloured water - A game reserve including a cheetah, warthog, buffalo, termite mounds and hyena dens. - A city model, including some key historical buildings from Jo'berg and Cape Town - An informal settlement - Lion's Head Mountain - A replica of the Ndebele village.

As with all Minecraft resources the map can be changed in any way and can be extended beyond the walls seen in the images.

The map will be available for download soon via

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