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Why Teach the Refugee Crisis?

Half of the world’s refugees are children, and thousands leave their homes without the protection of parents or other family members. These child refugees are vulnerable and at risk from many dangers as they try to make the journey to a safe place. 


We have created a digital learning resource that uses Minecraft, OneNote and Flipgrid to enable students to explore the refugee crisis from the perspective of a child refugee. This subject area can be complex but provides many opportunities for learning including:

  •  Justice, Equality and Poverty

  •  Social and emotional learning (including empathy, reasoning, communication, collaboration, argument and negotiation)

  • Higher Order Thinking Skills (Critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making )

  • Digital learning and STEAM

  • Cross-curricular learning (Mathematics, literacy, civics, geography, history, religious and moral education and many more).

  • Personal safety, the Rights of the Child and the UN Convention of Human Rights

  • This topic also enables exploration of many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

How can I access these Resources?

We believe that this issue is of fundamental importance to children growing up around the world, and therefore we are offering these resources to educators free of charge. 

Our hope is that these resources, and their impact will have a lasting legacy beyond the classroom. To do this we are partnering with Play for Progress, a charity that works with unaccompanied child refugees in the UK, working with them to provide safe spaces, and enabling recovery through music and art therapy.  We would like to ask you to join us in being #ChangeMakers and support their work.

You can make a donation to Play for Progress here or use the Donate button below. Please be sure to leave the hashtag #ImmersiveHumanities when you donate.

You can then download the OneNote teacher guide and complimentary Minecraft world using the Download button below.  

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