ImmersiveMinds is a pioneering project in the design, development and deployment of cutting edge education resources and teaching. Collaborating with clients in education, charity, business, the arts and culture, I reach children and adults around the world, using technology as a tool for learning. Bringing technologies such as podcasting, animation, film-making, mobile and tablet, coding, games and games-based learning to the forefront of educational thinking and practice; across curriculum learning, soft skills development and health and wellbeing.

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Stephen Reid

Stephen Reid (@ImmersiveMind) . I am a creative producer with a passion for merging ICT with education, art and culture. A gamer with the 80′s and 90′s classics at heart, I am a games-based learning pioneer, bringing a wealth of off-the-shelf games to the forefront of educational thinking. Games such as Minecraft, Little Big Planet, Papo and Yo, Age of Mythology, and even Tomb Raider. I am also a Minecraft teacher, running a Minecraft server dedicated to teachers and parents all over the world and running lessons with children and Minecraft in curriculum learning. My work focuses on all areas of curriculum learning as well as the development of skills for life, skills for work and skills for social mobility. I have also developed learning materials for alcohol awareness, outdoor learning, study skills, motivation and goal setting and environmental awareness. I am a Minecon2012, Insomnia52 and Insomnia53 presenter and panelist, discussing Minecraft as a learning tool. I also won the Mojam2014 and ModJam2014 Minecraft build contests.

I run a live Twitch stream each week showcasing my work and running live games-based learning tutorials.

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